Organically Loved Deep Clean Program

Organically Maid especially cares about providing the safest cleaning experience for our littlest and most vulnerable clients by only using pure essential oils and organic soaps.


With mounting hospital bills, parents missing work, endless hours of care-giving, and the emotional toll all associated with having a child with special needs or health issues, we know the luxury of hiring us to come clean just isn't possible.  We want to help alleviate that stress by donating one free deep clean to a different family each month!  An Organically Loved home is a happy home!

To qualify

If your precious child has health issues or special needs, and a house cleaning is not in the budget, please fill out the application below.  We would be honored to hear your story.

Children are a gift from God. Psalms 127:3


To be nominated for the Organically Loved Deep Clean Program, please submit the following info.

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Organically Maid Essential Oil Home Cleaning

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