Where it all began

Organically Maid's owner Aly Lee didn't start out cleaning naturally.  Although she grew up with an herbalist mom, once she started her own family, the allure of convenience took over and household chemical cleaners quickly became her go to.  

In 2015, when Aly's husband lost his job, she stepped up and started her little solo cleaning service full time.  She had a booked schedule but cleaned with chemicals straight from the grocery store shelves.  About a year or so into using those common household cleaners, she woke up to her heart palpitating, her hands were so swollen she couldn't form a fist, and she could taste the chemical in her mouth.  That was the "ah ha" moment she needed to realize she was poisoning herself.  From then on, she made the switch back to her roots by only cleaning with 100% organic natural ingredients and Young Living essential oils.  

Aly's passion for cleaning naturally has made Organically Maid the leading essential oil based cleaning company in Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas.  Organically Maid now has 15+ maids and clients within 7 counties.  We are expanding rapidly every week and couldn't be more excited about it!